Deploy your app to Azure App Service using FTP/S


Step 1: Set deployment credentials

To access the FTP server for your app, you first need deployment credentials.

Step 2: Get FTP connection information

  1. In the Azure portal, open your app’s resource blade.
  2. Select Overview in the left menu, then note the values for FTP/Deployment UserFTP Host Name, and FTPS Host Name.

Step 3: Deploy files to Azure

  1. From your FTP client (Visual StudioFileZilla, etc), use the connection information you gathered to connect to your app.
  2. Copy your files and their respective directory structure to the /site/wwwroot directory in Azure (or the /site/wwwroot/App_Data/Jobs/ directory for WebJobs).
  3. Browse to your app’s URL to verify the app is running properly.

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