Continuous Deployment to Azure App Service

  1. Publish your app content to the repository that will be used for continuous deployment.
    For more information on publishing your project to these services, see Create a repo (GitHub)Create a repo (BitBucket), and Get started with VSTS.
  2. In your app’s menu blade in the Azure portal, click APP DEPLOYMENT > Deployment options. Click Choose Source, then select the deployment source.
  3. Complete the authorization workflow.
  4. In the Deployment source blade, choose the project and branch to deploy from. When you’re done, click OK.
  5. App Service creates an association with the selected repository, pulls in the files from the specified branch, and maintains a clone of your repository for your App Service app. When you configure VSTS continuous deployment from the Azure portal, the integration uses the App Service Kudu deployment engine, which already automates build and deployment tasks with every git push. You do not need to separately set up continuous deployment in VSTS. After this process completes, the Deployment optionsapp blade will show an active deployment that indicates deployment has succeeded.
  6. To verify the app is successfully deployed, click the URL at the top of the app’s blade in the Azure portal.
  7. To verify that continuous deployment is occurring from the repository of your choice, push a change to the repository. Your app should update to reflect the changes shortly after the push to the repository completes. You can verify that it has pulled in the update in the Deployment options blade of your app.

Disable continuous deployment

  1. In your app’s menu blade in the Azure portal, click APP DEPLOYMENT > Deployment options. Then click Disconnect in the Deployment options blade.
  2. After answering Yes to the confirmation message, you can return to your app’s blade and click APP DEPLOYMENT > Deployment options if you would like to set up publishing from another source.

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