Configure operating system disk redundancy


If your workload throughput requirements exceed the IOPS capabilities of a single disk (500 IOPS per second), or your storage requirements are greater than 1 TB, you do have options.
The First option is to add multiple data disks (depending on the virtual machine size) and implement RAID 0 disk striping, and create one or more volumes with multiple data disks. This gives you increased capacity (up to 16 TB per disk) and increased throughput. If your virtual machine is hosted on Server 2012 or above, you can use storage pools. You can use storage pools to virtualize storage by grouping industry-standard disks into pools,
and then create virtual disks called Storage Spaces from the available capacity in the storage pools. You can then conigure these virtual disks to provide striping capabilities across all disks in the pool, combining good performance characteristics. Storage pools make it easy to grow or shrink volumes depending on your needs (and the capacity of the Azure data disks you have attached).

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